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What can I expect? 

Whether you have been involved in therapy before, or never been to a counselor a day before in your life, I endeavor to make everyone feel as safe and as comfortable as possible. Some frequently asked questions can be found here regarding therapy and counseling in general:


1. Do I have to lie on the couch?
You can sit wherever and however you are most comfortable in the room. Most people sit comfortably in a chair, sometimes reclined on the couch or 
occasionally even sitting on the floor.

2. How long will I have to be in counseling?

The length of therapy depends on a variety of factors, including the client’s goals, the needs of the client, model of therapy, and the resources available. Most clients are in therapy for anywhere between 2-6 months, though many people have a positive and productive experience and end up staying for longer.


3. If I go to therapy, does that mean I'm crazy?
Therapists see people from all walks of life and we all need support from time to time. Therapy can be a great resource, particularly for people processing through life transitions, grieving a loss, wanting relational help, family struggles, personal growth, seeking help for traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, parenting, etc. Every day I get to see tremendously brave people walk through the doors and take proactive steps leading to freedom and healing in their lives.


4. Will you make me talk about my childhood? Or talk about my past?
The content of sessions will depend largely on your specific goals and the theoretical approach of your therapist. Our past experiences shape us in huge ways, so I do tend to get a brief overview of your life, including your childhood, to get a fuller picture of who you are and your history.


5. Will a you fix all my problems?
There is no magic wand in therapy. What an individual gets out of therapy depends largely on the effort, and willingness, that one puts into it. My roll is to partner with you to help you make the desired changes you seek in your life. Deciding to go to therapy takes a lot of courage, and requires a lot of work! If you want to build new muscles, you need the discipline of going to the gym regularly, experiencing the strain of tearing down old muscles in order to form new stronger ones. Similarly, going to therapy is like tearing down old emotional muscles, breaking through knots & tension, and rebuilding new patterns and emotional strength.


6. Aren’t all therapists are the same?
Short answer, No. Therapists operate under different modalities, utilizing different techniques, and have their own unique personalities. Research indicates that the relationship between a client and therapist accounts for 30% of the success in therapy! It is crucial to find a good fit for you, so I want to make sure you feel connected!


If you are ready to take the next step to try therapy for the first time (or ready for a return), reach out today and I'd be happy to answer any more of your questions!

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